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AKARA and MANES Servers Are Coming!

Date: Jan 17, 2017    Views: 2,495

Hail Knights!

We are very happy and proud to announce the opening of two legendary servers Akara and Manes .

Are you ready to be reunited with a Knight Online athmosphere thay you have missed ?

You may have a look at the game experience waiting for you in Akara and Manes Servers.

Strong enemies were destroyed and cursed zones were closed !

In Akara and Manes servers;

- Under The Castle, Krowaz, Bifrost, Draki's Tower and Ronark Land Base maps were closed.
- Felankor, Cruel, Enigma, Havoc, Hellfire were removed from Ronark Land.
- Dragon Box, Special Monster Staff, Dragons Scale items cannot be bought.
- Dark Knight weapons will not be existing in Akara and Manes.
- NPC [White Shadow] was removed from Ronark Land.
- NPC [Mercenary Officer] and [Mysterious] Narki was removed from Moradon.
- NPC [Revers Knight] Hill and Lily were removed from Eslant..

Above all, 50 % special discount event on Market will continue in order to supply better gaming conditions for all players.

OTP system will be mandatory for logging into Akara and Manes servers !

For any questions regarding OTP such as “How to create an account”, “Where i can downoad OTP”, “How i can use OPT”, please CLICK here.

Morover, we would like to emphasize again that you can use OTP system on your mobile devices. For all questions according this issue please CLICK here.

If you may have any further questions please do not hesitate contact with ICS/OTP section.

Akara and Manes servers will be opened on 19th January 2017 Thursday and you will have an opportunity to create your character “one day before”. We suggest you not to miss this chance !

Between 18th January Wednesday 14:00 and 19 th January 14:00, all the players having OTP and Premium will be able to login both Akara and Manes and to create their characters one day before opening.

You may find all the details with events prepared for opening of Akara and Manes clicking this link.

Are you ready to be a witness of the return of Knight Online Legends?

NTTGame | Knight Online Team

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