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El Morad: Warrior

El Morad is the empire of King Manes. El Morad was just a small empire located on the west coast of Adonis Continent. The empire entered a halcyon period when it combined with the 5 empires which fell in the wake of the battle between Pathos and Cypher. Now the peace of El Morad is threatened by Karus.


Barbarian / El Moradian Male / El Moradian Female

After Xigenon led the Tuareks from El Morad in 448, the absence of the Claro Mercenaries great affected the empire. The men and women of El Morad were determined to retain the warrior spirit by studying the discipline of swordsmanship. Their strength in this field grew immensely and with the help of Barbarians, the warrior now takes a greater role as Tanker in El Morad these days.

Master Set

Blade The Blade Warrior specializes in short-range combat, handling various types of melee weapons. A Blade will not retreat until death...
Blade Master A master of Blade skills with the special ability to decrease or cancel an opponent's attack.
El Morad Warrior