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El Morad: Portu

El Morad is the empire of King Manes. El Morad was just a small empire located on the west coast of Adonis Continent. The empire entered a halcyon period when it combined with the 5 empires which fell in the wake of the battle between Pathos and Cypher. Now the peace of El Morad is threatened by Karus.


Mutated Barbarian Warrior, Portu...
After getting expelled from their original hometown due to their mutation, Kurians created their own colonies and tightly united among themselves and progressed on their own.

When Kurians were mutated, they realized that they were never able to go back to the human appearance which they once had before. Since then, they started to absorb spirits to become stronger to distinguish themselves and become the real fighting race.

Later on, these once Barbarian warriors who absorbed Fire spirits, conflicted with warriors who absorbed other type of spirits (tree). They did not get along just like Fire and Water. They took a vow that they'll never go back to their original hometown where they were expelled. However, due to the conflict among their own races they are back to participate in Karus and El Morad's prolonged War.

Master Set

Burka A relentless attacker that does not give up until death. These infamous warriors are great for melee attacks and are skilled in various weapons.
Burka Master Masters of swords with skill to decrease or disable an enemy's attack power.
El Morad Portu