[ANNOUNCEMENT] Update Schedule
Mar 23, 2023
We would like to inform you in advance about some updates that will be added to Knight Online in the next two months.

[EVENT] Coin Event!
Mar 9, 2023
You can collect Coins by completing daily tasks and exchange the Coins you collect with the reward you want.

[EVENT] Knight Royale is Back!
Mar 9, 2023
Knight Royale is Back! Only the strongest will survive!

[UPDATE] Talisman System
Feb 22, 2023
A new system to strengthen your character, Talismans!

[EVENT] Full Moon Rift Event Started!
Feb 9, 2023
It's time to start a challenging adventure!

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Third Server Merge is Coming
Feb 9, 2023
With the merge of Ares, Diez and Gordion servers, Oreads server will be with you!

[EVENT] Revenge of Singles - 2023
Feb 9, 2023
A mage who spent his entire life as a single studying magic is now on a rampage.

[EVENT] Wheel of Fun Is Back!
Feb 9, 2023
Spin the wheel and get amazing gifts!

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Pray for Turkey
Feb 8, 2023
We would like to state that we convey our best wishes to all our citizens who were affected by the earthquake that occurred in KahramanmaraƟ.

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Second Server Merge is Coming
Jan 26, 2023
With the merge of Altar, Vega and Sirius servers, Dryads server will be with you!

[EVENT] Arena of Manes Is Back!
Jan 12, 2023
A chaotic survival experience where only the strongest warriors can triumph, everyone is one and equal.

[EVENT] Puzzle Event Has Started!
Jan 12, 2023
Collect puzzle pieces and get your rewards!

[ANNOUNCEMENT] First Server Merge Coming!
Jan 11, 2023
With the merge of Rosetta and Olympia servers, Minark server will be with you!

[EVENT] Twisted Moradon - The Zombie Event
Dec 14, 2022
The zombie invasion has begun in Old Moradon!

[EVENT] Christmas Events Have Started!
Dec 14, 2022
We are ready to welcome the Year 2023, we are entering the New Year mood with fun events!

[EVENT] Knight Marble Event
Dec 14, 2022
A new event, Knight Marble is with you!

[ANNOUNCEMENT] About Agartha and Zero Servers
Dec 12, 2022
To prevent possible longer queues and stabilize server balances, registrations to Agartha and Zero temporarily disabled.

[EVENT] Video Event Started!
Dec 8, 2022
Earn Fame and Rewards by sharing your legendary PvP moments in Knight Online!

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New Server Zero is Now Open!
Dec 8, 2022
New server Zero server opened on 8 December!

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Pre-Registrations Started for Zero Server!
Nov 26, 2022
Our fourth new server, Zero, will open on 8th December 2022 at 15.00 Server time.