Dark Knight Weapons - Crafting System
Oct 15, 2015

Hail Knights!

We are happy to announce our upcoming updates for the Knight Online! A whole new crafting system and 7 brand new powerful items. The Dark Knight Weapons

The Dark Knight Weapons Production:

A. Necessary materials:

1. Ancient Weapon Mold
Material used as a mold to form a weapon of your choice. Each type has its own mold so you will need to buy the appropriate one at the Sundries NPC (for example Ancient Weapon Mold(Staff) is needed to create The Dark Knight Staff). Each ancient Weapon Mold cost 100,000,000 Noah (tax is not included).

2. Catalyst
Special items used to speed up the process. You can get one by killing Felankor. It has 50% chance to drop one of four catalysts.
Material Item Material used for
Abyssal Breathe Dagger / Jamadar / Crossbow
Tentacles of Hatred Polearm / Two-H Axe
Sand of Despair Fire, Ice, Lightning Staff
Fragment of Void Mace / Shield

​3. Materials of Devil
Additional components for the crafting, item drop rates are not very low but it will surely require some effort!
Material Itemı 2 piece 5 piece
Teeth of Devil Dagger Shield
Claw of Devil Jamadar Mace
Vein of Devil Crossbow Staff (Fire, Ice, Lightning)
Bone of Devil Polearm Crossbow
Horn of Devil Two-H Axe Dagger
Heart of Devil Staff (Fire, Ice, Lightning) Jamadar
Skull of Devil Mace Two-H Axe
Wings of Devil Shield Polearm

4. Elemental Stone
Can be obtained by completing daily quests at [Hepa Pupil] Shozin NPC. It will cost you 1000 NP each time. Here is what you can get in return:
Propability Item Usage
40% 50 Ibexs Potion HP 1080 Recovery
40% 50 Crisis Potion MP 2880 Recovery
5% Elemental Stone(Poison) Dagger / Jamadar / Polearm
5% Elemental Stone(Fire) Staff / Two-H Axe
5% Elemental Stone(Ice) Staff / Shield
5% Elemental Stone(Lightning) Mace / Staff / Crossbow

5. Chaos Crystal
There are 4 different combinations of items to obtain Chaos Crystals (items used: Silver Gem, Black Gem, Spellstone Powder, Dragon's Scale). Each combination has a different chance of success (20% - 100%). You can obtain it at [Hepa Pupil] Shozin NPC in Moradon​
Combination Silvery Gem Black Gem Spell Stone Powder Dragon's Scale Success rate Amount of items
1 0 3 8 0 %20 1
2 0 5 15 0 %40 1
3 1 5 15 0 %70 1
4 1 5 15 1 %100 2~7

Required materials can be obtained at our event Juraid Mountain and by disassembling accessory items at Mysterious Old Man NPC in Moradon.

6. Seed of Destruction
There are two ways to obtain this material:

A. Disassembling accessory items at Mysterious Old Man NPC in Moradon.
B. Killing monsters, but again, item drop rates are not very low but it will surely require some effort!

Mysterious Old Man rates:
Item Type Chance Amount
Old Accessory 20% 1 Spellstone Powder
Old Accessory 40% 2 Spellstone Powder
Old Accessory 20% 3 Spellstone Powder
Old Accessory 15% 4 Spellstone Powder
Old Accessory 5% 5 Spellstone Powder
Old Accessory 1% 1 Seed of Destruction
Old Accessory 1% 1 Accessory Box
Unique Accessory 9% 1 Spellstone Powder
Unique Accessory 20% 2 Spellstone Powder
Unique Accessory 40% 3 Spellstone Powder
Unique Accessory 20% 4 Spellstone Powder
Unique Accessory 9% 5 Spellstone Powder
Unique Accessory 5% 1 Seed of Destruction
Unique Accessory 1% 1 Accessory Box
Unique Accessory 1% 1 Unique Accessory Box

7. Flame of Spirit
Material can be obtained by completing a daily quest at [Hepa Pupil] Shozin NPC in Moradon. It requires 1 Gold Coin and 1 Evil Ingot

B. Crafting
The Dark Knight can be crafted at [Hepa Pupil] Shozin NPC. You will need all required materials to create the weapon of your choice. Necessary materials are listed in the table below:
Item Type Material Material Material Material
Dagger Ancient Weapon Mold (Dagger) Abyssal Breathe Teeth of Devil Horn of Devil
Jamadar Ancient Weapon Mold (Jamadar) Abyssal Breathe Claw of Devil Heart of Devil
Crossbow Ancient Weapon Mold (Crossbow) Abyssal Breathe Vein of Devil Bone of Devil
Polearm Ancient Weapon Mold (Polearm) Tentacles of Hatred Bone of Devil Wings of Devil
Two-H Axe Ancient Weapon Mold (Two-handed Axe) Tentacles of Hatred Horn of Devil Skull of Devil
Staff Ancient Weapon Mold (Staff) Sand of Despair Heart of Devil Vein of Devil
Mace Ancient Weapon Mold (Mace) Fragment of Void Skull of Devil Claw of Devil
Shield Ancient Weapon Mold (Shield) Fragment of Void Wings of Devil Teeth of Devil

Material Material Material Material
Elemental Stone (Silah Türüne Göre) Chaos Crystal Seed of Destruction Flame of Spirit

If the crafting succeeds, you receive either +0, +1 +2 or +3 weapon. Otherwise all crafting materials are lost.
There is a 50% chance of success although it can be increased to 100% with a Shadow Piece Item.

By crafting The Dark Knight Weapon you receive The Owner of Ancient Weapon achievement title.
-Achievement Title : The Owner of Ancient Weapon
-Reward : ‘Dark Knight' Title, Achievement Point +50
-Title : Dark Knight

Title stats:
Statistic Modifier
(STR, DEX, INT, MP) +5
HP -10
Dagger Defense +1
Jamadar Defense +1
Spear Defense +1
Arrow Defense +1
Fire Resistance +2
Ice Resistance +2
Lightning Resistance +2
Spell Resistance +2
Curse Resistance +2
Poison Resistance +2

Click here for more info on Dark Knight Weapons.

Happy hunting!

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