15th of March, at 2:00 Server Time
Mar 14, 2018

Dear Knight Online Community!

Please be aware that we will be having a scheduled maintenance on Knight Online servers. During maintenance game service will be temporarily unavailable. Maintenance time will be as follows:

Date: Thursday, 15th of March

Est. Duration: 2 Hours Begin Time
KO Server Time 02:00
Turkey (EET) 04:00
N. America (EST) 21:00

Server Restarts
Dark Knight Weapons have been added to Manes and Olympia
Holy Knight Armors have been added to Manes and Olympia
Bifrost Renewal will be added to Manes and Olympia
Black Treasure Chest added to Forgotten Temple (lv. 60+) reward - 4 Weeks
Fixed a bug on Lunar War map

Thank you!