Knight Online 16th Anniversary Events
Aug 13, 2020
Hello everyone, you can find all the content added to Knight Online within the scope of its 16th Anniversary.

Happy 16th Anniversary

- You can click on the 'Happy 16th Anniversary' option from the [Event Manager] Aset in the Moradon map.
- You can do the quest only once with each character during the event period.
- You will receive all mission rewards when you complete the mission.
- To complete the quest, you must kill the 'Baby Dragon' creatures in front of the Moradon, El Morad and Luferson castles and collect 10 Orange-flavored Onions.
- You can receive the following rewards by delivering 10 Orange-flavored Onion items you collect to Aset.

- Magic Bag, Hellfire Dragon Wings, Oreads and Anniversary Emblem items come directly to your inventory as usable.
- You can also strengthen your character for 15 minutes by using Banana-flavored Sweet Potato, Apple-flavored Tomato and Orange-flavored Onion items that you can get from 'Baby Dragon' creatures.

Banana-flavored Sweet Potato: Increases your character's defense value by 175 and your Fire, Ice, Lightning defense by 30 for 15 minutes.

Apple-flavored Tomato: Increases the HP and Mana values of your character by 1000 for 15 minutes.

Orange-flavored Onion: Adds 10% of your attack damage and 5 to your STR, DEX, MP, INT for 15 minutes.

Anniversary Emblem

Ultima's Dungeon

Get ready to enter the lair of Ultima, who occupied the Bifrost map!

- You can enter the dungeon with any character whenever you want.
- You can complete the dungeon quest once a day.
- If you die in the dungeon and you cannot complete it, you can re-enter.
- At least 20 and maximum 30 people can enter the dungeon at a time.
- Your character level must be 80 and above to enter the dungeon.

How to get into the dungeon?

- To enter the dungeon, you must register from the [Event Manager] Aset in the Moradon map.
- You must first click the 2nd option (Dungeon of Ultima & Exchange) in the conversation window opened with Aset, then the 1st option (Enter Dungeon of Ultima) in the conversation window and finally the 1st option (Yes, I will enter) in the window that appears.
Congratulations, you have successfully registered to enter the dungeon, as soon as you create your registration, a countdown window will appear on your screen as below, and you will be able to track the remaining time and the number of people who have entered the dungeon.

- If the minimum number of participants, 20, is not reached when the countdown is over, the dungeon entry will be canceled.
- When the countdown is over, if the number of participants is between 20 and 29 people, you will soon be taken to the dungeon.
- If the number of participants reaches 30, you will be immediately taken to the dungeon before the countdown is over.
- You can press the 'Cancel' button on the countdown panel that opens to cancel your dungeon registration.
- If the number of participants is 1 and this person cancels their registration, the event is completely canceled, it stops counting down until the next recording.
- You cannot register 60 minutes before or 30 minutes after Juraid Mountain.

Event Details

In the event area, your goal is to kill Ultima, as you can imagine, but you must destroy the two seal structures in the dungeon in order to damage the Ultima creature.

Two minutes after entering the dungeon, Ultima and two seal structures will appear.
- To be able to damage the Ultima creature, you must destroy the structures [Protection] Ultima Seal Artifact and [Destruction] Ultima Seal Artifact.
- [Destruction] Only Warrior and Kurian classes can damage the Ultima Seal Artifact structure.
- [Protection] Only Mage, Rogue and Priest classes can damage the Ultima Seal Artifact structure.
- Fixed damage to seal structures with a simple attack 'R', people using the bow need to take the spring items from their hands in order to hit the seal structures.

Ultima's Attacks

You'll realize that Ultima, who faced the raid in her own home, is much more angry than usual, from her new abilities to use to kill you.

Field Attack Skill

Ultima uses an ability that centers around the person it is attacking at any time during the battle and also damages the players around it.
You can lose 30% of your health with this ability.

Destroyer Attack

Ultima uses one more area ability that covers the entire map for 30% of her health.
- When Ultima's health drops to 70%, 40%, and 10%, the Destroyer Attack ability becomes active.
- Anyone damaged with this ability dies in one shot.
- In order not to take damage from the ability, all you need to do is go into safe zones by going near the escape structures that appeared before using the Ultima ability.
- You will have 5 seconds after Ultima launches the ability to enter the safe zone of escape structures.
- You will be notified by the system with a message when you use the Ultima Destroyer Attack ability.

Escape Structures

Escape structures are two structures that can appear on 4 different sides of Ultima as soon as it launches the Ultima Destroyer Attack ability.
- Escape structures cannot be damaged and targeted.
- When escape structures emerge, a colored circle is formed around it, and the place you need to enter is exactly inside that circle.

Fatal Condition

- If any player doesn't die with the Destroyer Attack ability, Ultima goes into Lethal State for 10 seconds.
- During this period, warriors can deal 1.5 more damage to Ultima creature.
- When Ultima enters Fatal Condition, you will be notified by the system with a message.

- Players who die in the dungeon cannot receive event rewards.
- Your time for Ultima to be killed is 30 minutes.

Event Rewards

- The player who kills Ultima with the last hit will be able to receive the 7-Day Lunar Tattoo and Anniversary Emblem rewards from Ultima's box.

Note: You have to exchange the item from [VIP Manager] Juliane in order to use the Emblem obtained from the Ultima box.

- When Ultima is killed, 5 random players in the dungeon will receive Ultima's Scent items as a reward.
- Everyone except the ones that ge Ultima's Scent will receive the Ultima's Piece as a reward.
- You can exchange Ultima's Piece and Scent items from the [Event Manager] Aset for a random one of the following rewards.

Ultima's Piece Awards

Ultima's Scent Awards


Defend against the creatures that threaten the Adonis Continent and become a hero!

- The aim of the event will be to earn Jewel by protecting your towers on the map from gradually coming creatures.
- You can die a maximum of 3 times during the event, your character will be teleported to Moradon on your 4th death.
- You will not lose any EXP when you die in the event.
- The event consists of a total of 18 stages, and warriors who successfully protect the Nexus tower are rewarded.
- If your Nexus tower is destroyed by monsters, the players in the event will be sent directly to the Moradon area.
- When you use the / town command, you will be teleported to your last tower.
- You cannot earn rewards when you leave the region before the event is completed.

How to Enter Full Moon Rift?

- You can get 3 'Full Moon Rift Vouchers' every day from Blanc in Moradon castle [Lunar Order Priest].
- Players who get Daily Vouchers cannot get more, you can get your next Voucher items the next day.
- Unused Voucher items will be deleted at the end of the day.
- Warriors can register via [Lunar Order Priest] Blanc for 1 'Full Moon Rift Voucher'.
- Leaders of the parties created with registered people can enter their party into the event area with the 'Enter' button in the Party Matching window.

Party Matching System

- Players who have a 'Full Moon Rift Voucher' in their bag must open the 'Full Moon Rift Board' window by talking to NPC Blanc in order to register for the event and be matched.
- With the 'Register' Button in this window, you can show other players that you want to participate in the Full Moon Rift event.
- Party leaders and individual participants are displayed with different status in the party window.
- If you wish, you can collect a party with individual people from this window or if you are a party leader, you can invite other players to your party
- While opening a record in the Party Matching window, you can write the message you want and specify the character classes.
- Party leaders can invite players by right clicking on them and selecting 'Full Moon Rift'.
- Party leaders registered for Full Moon Rift cannot queue for a regular party.
- Players who are in the Full Moon Rift party cannot search for a different party.
- Only the party leader can enter the party in the Full Moon Rift zone.

Full Moon Rift Stages

There are three different levels in Full Moon Rift: Easy, Normal and Hard.
If you have 2 ~ 3 members in your party, you can log into the event at the 'Easy' level.
When you log in at the easy level, there will be only 5 stages and the 5th stage will be the final stage.
If you have 4 ~ 7 members in your party, you can log in to the 'Normal' level event.
When you log in at the normal level, you will encounter creatures with the same difficulty and number and there will be 12 stages in total.
If you have 8 members in your party, you can enter the event at the 'Hard' level.
At a difficult level, a tough fight will be waiting for you!
There will be short breaks between sections. (1-5: 1 sec. | 6-12: 5 sec. | 13-18: 5 sec.)

Full Moon Rift Map

- The tower located inside the map has 25.000 HP.
- The tower on the outside of the map has 20.000 HP.
- The Nexus tower has 50.000 HP.
- The HP amount of towers does not regenerate after damage.

Knights Appearance

- Each Knight has 10,000 HP and 500 attack power.
- Knights cannot use skills and items belonging to their character class.
- Knights can use the skills of the Chaos event as well as the new Full Moon Rift skills.

Skills Usable in Full Moon Rift Event

In order to use some skills, skill items must be purchased by exchanging 'Monster Coins' from Full Moon Priest NPCs in the event area.

Monster Coin System

- You will be able to use Monster Coins only in the Full Moon Rift event and with these Coins you will be able to buy different skills on the map.
Monster Coins can be obtained by killing creatures during the event. The player who last hits the creature will receive extra Monster Coins.
Monster Coin items will be deleted from you when you exit the Full Moon Rift event.

Full Moon Rift Jewel

- Full Moon Rift Jewel items are used to exchange items with NPC [Full Moon Priest] Blanc.
- 1 ~ 12. Players who last hit the creature between episodes earn 1 Full Moon Rift Jewel.
- 13 ~ 18. Players who last hit the creature between episodes earn 2 Full Moon Rift Jewels.
- Obtained Full Moon Rift Jewel items cannot be traded, sold or put into Inn Hostess.

Full Moon Rift Jewel Awards

Achievement Awards

You can use 'Grace of the Moon God' items that you can purchase with the Full Moon Rift Jewel to obtain Titles.
You can receive the following Titles by delivering your 'Grace of the Moon God' items to [VIP Manager] Juliane on the Moradon map.

The Daily Game of Chance

Would you like to win valuable prizes for 9,000,000 Noah?
You can win great prizes from this game of chance that you can play once a day.
You can play the game with the 'Today's Lucky Chance' option in [Event Manager] Aset!

The Traveling Merchant is at Moradon!

You can buy 10 Magic Hammers for 4,000,000 Noah from the Wanderer Merchant. To find the Traveling Trader, you have to search for him in Moradon when the system alert comes up. You can buy Magic Hammers, which can also be used with Spirit of Genie, once a day.

Veteran Title Event

Title up to your age! To activate titles, simply go to the [VIP Manager] Julianne NPC and select the 'Title Period' Option. You can have the following titles based on the creation date of your account.
- 1 Year Account: Newbie (3 HP and 20 DEF)
- 5 Year Account: Apprentice (4 HP and 30 DEF)
- 10 Years Account: Master (90 DEF)
- 15 Years Account: Grand Master (3 ATK and 90 DEF)

Quest Reset

All missions for the 16th Anniversary have been reset! If you wish, you can repeat all quests from the beginning and earn extra experience and quest items!
The following missions are not included in this event.

- Saving Michele & Sid
- Gift of Bilbor
- 1st Job Change
- 2nd Job Change
- Skill Quest
- Achievement Quests

Ibex and Crisis Potions Are On Sale

You can purchase Ibexs potions for 14,000 Noah, and Crisis Potions for 21,000 Noah from Potion Merchant NPCs. You can buy these potions for 1 month from the start of the event.

The True Power of Magic

This scroll, which is only used by wizards, increases your magic damage by 30% for 30 minutes. You can get magical scrolls by talking to the [Event Manager] Aset. These scrolls, which you can only buy once during the event, are for 10 uses.