[EVENT] EXP - Noah - NP Events for 29th October!
Oct 27, 2017

[EVENT] ‚Äč Veteran Knights Event!
Sep 21, 2017

[EVENT] Back to School Attendance Event!
Sep 21, 2017
Don't miss a day to get all the Adonis Continent School Supplies!

[EVENT] June Forum Event
Jun 1, 2017

[EVENT] May Forum Event
May 2, 2017

[EVENT] Easter Egg-citement Events!
Apr 13, 2017

[EVENT] Discount is Calling!
Apr 12, 2017

[EVENT] March Forum Event
Mar 1, 2017

[EVENT] Rebirth Event
Feb 16, 2017
Would you like to get prizes during the gruelling Rebirth Process?

[EVENT] February Forum Event
Feb 7, 2017

[EVENT] Discount Madness Still Going On!
Jan 5, 2017

[EVENT] First Party Tournament of 2017!
Jan 4, 2017

[EVENT] January Forum Event
Jan 3, 2017

[EVENT] 2016 Winter Holiday Events!
Dec 21, 2016

[EVENT] Christmas Events!
Dec 7, 2016

[EVENT] December Forum Event!
Dec 1, 2016

[EVENT] Feast of Sacrifice Event!
Sep 8, 2016

[EVENT] Summer Heat Event!
Aug 11, 2016

[EVENT] The Knightly Predictions Event!
Jul 13, 2016
Dare to guess who will win the 8v8 USKO Tournament? Have a chance to win 10,000KC!

[EVENT] July Forum Event
Jul 1, 2016
Hail Knights! In this month's event, you will be allowed to use Photoshop, or similar programs. All you need to do, is take a photo of a place in your home, either pencil draw or digitally use any character or boss on Knight Online, and place it in the photograph creatively. This month, we ar