[EVENT] Discount is Calling!
Apr 12, 2017

[EVENT] March Forum Event
Mar 1, 2017

[EVENT] Rebirth Event
Feb 16, 2017
Would you like to get prizes during the gruelling Rebirth Process?

[EVENT] February Forum Event
Feb 7, 2017

[EVENT] Discount Madness Still Going On!
Jan 5, 2017

[EVENT] First Party Tournament of 2017!
Jan 4, 2017

[EVENT] January Forum Event
Jan 3, 2017

[EVENT] 2016 Winter Holiday Events!
Dec 21, 2016

[EVENT] Christmas Events!
Dec 7, 2016

[EVENT] December Forum Event!
Dec 1, 2016

[EVENT] Feast of Sacrifice Event!
Sep 8, 2016

[EVENT] Summer Heat Event!
Aug 11, 2016

[EVENT] The Knightly Predictions Event!
Jul 13, 2016
Dare to guess who will win the 8v8 USKO Tournament? Have a chance to win 10,000KC!

[EVENT] July Forum Event
Jul 1, 2016
Hail Knights! In this month's event, you will be allowed to use Photoshop, or similar programs. All you need to do, is take a photo of a place in your home, either pencil draw or digitally use any character or boss on Knight Online, and place it in the photograph creatively. This month, we ar

[EVENT] Knight Online Party Tournament Coming Soon!
Jun 29, 2016
Hello Dear Knights! 2016 Knight Online Clan Tournament that you have been waiting for since a long time, is coming soon! This tournament will be totally different from the rest of Knight Online Clan Tournaments that have been organized before, in terms of map, process and competition. You hav

[EVENT] Olympia Pre-Opening Event
Jun 1, 2016

[EVENT] Knight Online Celebrates Global Unity!
Apr 21, 2016

[EVENT] Easter Egg-citement Event!
Mar 17, 2016

[EVENT] March Easter Event
Mar 2, 2016
Hail Knights, This month we are celebrating EASTER! You can earn your NPoints prizes with a help of Easter Bunnies and eggs :)

[EVENT] 1+1 Level Up Event
Jan 28, 2016