[EVENT] September Forum Event
Sep 1, 2015
Share your experience to earn NPoints! Many of you fought wars and tough battles in these land over the long years, became veterans, learnt a lot. Every day, there are new warriors joining in the fight and carry the flag further for the legend of Knight Online. How would you like to help them? S

[EVENT] Rose Of The White Knight
Aug 29, 2015

[EVENT] 11th Anniversary Events!
Jul 30, 2015

[EVENT] Boss Invasion Event!
Jul 21, 2015

[EVENT] Steam Greenlight NPoint Event
Jul 16, 2015

[EVENT] Dark Knight Weapons!
Jul 16, 2015

[EVENT] Movie Poster Event
Jul 3, 2015
Hail Knights! Our forum event for July is Movie Poster Event! Design your own KO Movie Poster, get in top 3 and win the prize!

[EVENT] Summer Fun Attendance Event
Jun 25, 2015

[EVENT] Knight Online Clan Tournament Registrations !
Jun 3, 2015
Hail Knights! Recently, we had announced the preparations for the new Clan Tournament in 2015. In this thread we will explain the details and rules.

[EVENT] June Forum Event - Boss Drawings
Jun 3, 2015
Hail Knights! This month, we need artworks of hand drawings of in game Bosses. Its time to grab the pencil, find your favorite Boss in game, and start drawing! Maybe the toughest-to-kill Felankor, or Duke one of the popular bosses of Ardream, or Lesath with its scary poison, or Harpy Queen

[EVENT] Special Screen Shot Event for Worker''s Day
May 4, 2015
Dear Knights! As you all know, tomorrow is International Worker’s Day ! The most valuable day for the workers . We will be organizing a special event on this day for our valuable players.

[EVENT] April Sale Event
Apr 9, 2015

[EVENT] April Forum Event
Apr 2, 2015
Hail Knights! This month we ask you to draw your favourite Knight Online Class. Pick the best one! Will it be Warrior, Rogue, Mage or Priest? Show us!

[EVENT] Celebrate Spring with Rixty and Win $100
Mar 30, 2015

[EVENT] March Forum Event
Mar 2, 2015
Hail Knights! This month we will be doing a Desktop Background image event. All you need to do is prepare an image featuring Knight Online Characters, Bosses, Monsters and effects. Show us how you can use your imagination to create some great compositions, and grab the prizes!

[EVENT] Knight Online Brings You Good Fortune!
Feb 12, 2015

[EVENT] Facebook Selfie Event!
Jan 20, 2015
Hail Knights!, Here is a completely new event! We are hoping to entertain and reward all our users and presenting you the Facebook Event.

[EVENT] January 2015 Forum Event
Jan 5, 2015
Hail Knights! Here comes the first forum event of 2015! Another year has gone, and now we welcome a fresh new 2015 with Knight Online. Here comes the first event of the year that will entertain and reward it's participants.

[EVENT] Knight Online Winter Events
Dec 23, 2014
Hail Knights, 2014 has been a year of battles, fierce competitions in Clan Tournaments, victories and losses... Now that we are ready to embrace a fresh new year, we present you with some exciting events to take place during Christmas And New year's day. Events will start today 23.12.2014 and

[EVENT] December Forum Event
Dec 2, 2014
Hail Knights! Here begins the last event of 2014. Now that the countdown for Christmas and New Years Day is close, we wanted this month's event to suit the sentiment. It's all very simple !, Just create a New Year Postcard using anything you can from the Knight Online game, you can us